EN 54-16 is the product standard for voice alarm electronics. In Europe it is mandatory that products used for voice alarm purposes are tested against this standard. The tests are for the whole product – processing, amplifiers and fault monitoring system and have to be carried out by an accredited laboratory.

If you only make part of the system, such as amplifiers or processors, the standard doesn’t permit items to be individually tested. Not having a relevant certificate is a serious barrier to entry for manufacturers trying to sell into the voice alarm market.

The voice alarm market demands EN54 certification, but most professional audio manufacturers make only some elements of the voice alarm system. This means they cannot get certified because the standard is for testing an entire system.

PAVA facilities now gives you a means of achieving EN 54-16 certification

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EN 54-16 compliance made easy

  • Individual products can be tested
  • Lower testing costs
  • Compatible with a wide range of pro-audio products
  • Faster, simpler testing
  • Minimal engineering resource required
  • Individual EN 54-16 certificate with just your products listed*
  • Simplified procedures for ongoing factory inspections
  • PAVA facilities expertise assists you at every stage
  • Ongoing firmware updates simple and cost effective

*refers to master certificate with all products listed

Multi-manufacturer testing now available!

You can now have individual products tested and sold into the voice alarm market in Europe and beyond.

PAVA Facilities unique process lets manufacturers test equipment to EN54-16, and market your products with certificates demonstrating compliance with the standard.

Your products are tested and integrated into a rack to create a working system. We manage the entire process to deliver your certificate with minimal effort from you.